Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Live Positive Way - From my lockdown diaries (3)

Live Positive Way

She was born with a silver spoon, and she was pampered with love and care.

All through her life, she only met beautiful souls and her life was a blissful sail.

The breeze never forgot to touch her face and bring a

She had never faced hurdles, since she's blessed to live without hassles.

Is she an angel?
An enlightened soul?
Does she live in heaven?
Or in lovely woods?

No way!
Her eyes opened....bringing her back, to her 'real present'.

She remembered.....

How she dreamt of those small things in her childhood days but later learned to adjust her ways.

How she believed, everyone will stay kind to her but only to realise kindness has quit humanity and taken a back seat.


She wandered in the skies to check for her stars, to change her charm and make her shine.

She wandered in the sea and in the sea waves, to make her sorrows stay away.

She wandered in the land, to find a place, which can keep her always safe.

She wandered everywhere around, to learn how to be a happy soul.

She wandered back and forth with her loaded thoughts to know what is 'life' and what is 'happiness'......after all?

She was flying inside in her mind to find it all, and now she knew what it means to love oneself and to stay is the secret recipe which has it all!
- Suganthi Sankaran
From my lockdown diaries 3.0

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Live Positive Way - From my lockdown diaries (2)

Live Positive Way
“A real friend is one who walks-in when the rest of the world walks-out”. – Walter Winchell.

Yes! 'Friendship' is one factor in our life, which we all feel so important. I really pity those who say they don’t have any friends. This life can be felt as 'totally incomplete' if we are not with friends.

We can have so many people--- 'acquaintances'---whom we call as 'friends'. But are they our 'real friends'? 

Dude! Don’t get confused with the two contradicting statements above. I am not here to write about this new era of friendship. I want to talk about 'the friendship', which still stands out as 'unique' and validates the quote that I shared at the starting of this blog.

When I was young, my most favourite pass time with my dad was hearing bedtime stories. He always chose to tell me either Ramayana or Mahabharata stories in installments. Even the smallest character of the epic(s) wouldn't escape my dad’s narration. Those stories formed an integral part of my upbringing. When I fast-forward a few decades, and now, when I am watching the old Television episodes of Mahabharata---after a long gap of 30+ years---I feel delighted and feel a sense of gratitude permeating me fully for the valuable and quality time spent by my Dad in narrating those stories to me.

I register my gratitude and respect to my dad for spending his valuable time for me. Those were the days in which he used to be very tired, but still, he never ever had disappointed me by skipping the doses of narration from my favourite epic Mahabharata. May be it is now my favourite, but the truth ishe made me cultivate that fondness through his passionate narration. 
Oh! Guess this post is getting diverted now. I have infinite number of things to talk about my dadwhich I can in my other postsnow coming back to “friendship”.

'Hinduism' is such a lovely religion in which each and every character, everything has some thing to teach us. I have always loved Mahabharata over Ramayana. My close associates know the reason. It is special because of my Shri Krishna's presence in it. My other reason is the Great character, eminent warrior, “Dhanveer(a man who would never refuse the request for any donation), the most charming, sensible and extra-ordinary person “Karna” in the epic.

To the people who don’t know who he is he is the eldest and spiritual son of Kunti (by the blessings of Surya, the Sun God) who got estranged from her immediately after birth. He later got identified by Duryodhan for his skills, and he gifted his small kingdom called “Anga” to him at a critical juncture. Duryodhan can be the main antagonist of Mahabharata but the love he had for Karna is also extraordinary. Some people say that it his selfishness to have someone so skilled like Karna at his side but I have never seen him as a coward Prince. He himself is a great warrior. It may be a boon that he got a great friend like  “Karna. Karna’s friendship towards Duryodhan should be considered as an 'Epitome of Friendship' in my opinion.

Karna knew ‘Pandavas’ were his own brothers much before the Kurushetra war but he valued his friendship and honoured the trust his friend had in him and decided not to leave Duryodhan.

My dad used to say if he had expressed even once to Duryodhan that he is the elder brother of PandavasMahabharath war might have never taken place and Duryodhan would have accepted his friend as his own brother and given up the plan to wage war and even sacrificed his throne for his friend Karna.

The amazing virtue possessed by Karna didn’t allowed him to disclose his birth secrets even to his wife. Just before the war his mother Kunti meets him and pleads to change his side, but he declines it by saying he cannot leave Duryodhan who gave him love and affection when the whole world degraded him. The greedy mother Kunti (sorry for saying so but it’s painful to see she didn’t accept him even after many years.) took a promise from him that he should only fight with Arjun and not with his other brothers and he should not attempt to kill any of them. She also pleaded with him to use “Nagastra” (divine weapon) only once on Arjun. He promised all that knowing well it will only led him towards death but still he stood by his friend and for the friendship. Somehow the North Indian version of Mahabharata narration misses out some beautiful aspects which we read in South Indian depiction of Mahabharata about the Karna-Duryodhan friendship. It was even recorded that Duryodhan mourned only for Karna in the entire loss.

We always miss out some positive qualities in antagonist since we get engrossed in the core story of the epic. But it is not that always a person will be bad with everyone. He can be an antagonist in the story, he can be against dharma or good people but that does not make them 'absolutely bad' either. If you happen to revisit Mahabharata via YouTube telecast or books don’t restrict yourself with Krishna-Arjun friendship and Gitasaar. See the unseen part of Karna-Duryadhana friendship too. That is the true example of unconditional love among friends and an Epitome of Friendship.

I wish to be a “Karna” to my friends, and I pray that I could always stand by those friends who need me in their lives, since…, ”A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

From my lockdown diaries… 2.0

- Suganthi Sankaran

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Live Positive Way - From my lockdown diaries....

Live Positive Way

My hubby asked me, “what happened to your blog posts? You have enough time now to write!"  So here comes my new post!

It's 'Lock down time'! Yes, too much news buzzing around about the present pandemic situation. What to do? What not to do? My mind is engrossed in the daily emerging data, its ups & downs. But as a 'positive thoughts blogger' isn’t it my priority and responsibility to post something positive to my blog walkers at this time?

Restricted movements. Even walking exercise confined to ones’ home. No cable TV connection to watch movies. In a way it has become a blessing in disguise since I am restricted only to watch a few news updates.  Otherwise, I might have tuned into Times Now, Republic and CNN most of the time.

Many more compromises in kitchen zone. Unable to make and eat what we like, but still feel blessed we have food to eat, whereas many still wander with hunger.

Fine! These are my challenges and hope that is yours as well. Now what can be done to make use of this time productively. How to stay positive despite the challenges?

Here are a few things I am doing to keep myself active.

First of all, whenever we see a news related to the present situation, we must mute our negative thought button. Switch back to the positive affirmation, “this too will pass”! Yes, this will surely pass since nothing is permanent here, so is this too.

Secondly, re-engage with the hobbies which can give you utmost satisfaction.  Something which you did in your childhood days but couldn’t pursue due to various reasons.  My regular readers know that I keep insisting on this. Practising your hobby can help you stay young and happy.  I love singing and dancing. I had never ever left it. It helps me to stay self motivated and keep me going even in this tough time. Doing Zumba with my daughter and daily singing practice with her (we just finished our karaoke sessions singing a telugu song, the language which we are not familiar with), gives a lot of happiness to both of us. Specially to my female buddies, who are now burdened with so much work, I want to say that those chores can wait for a while. It’s nothing wrong if you decide to spend some time for yourself. Take some time out for yourself.

I am both a spiritual and religious person. I wish my child too, to follow those religious practices.  So I am using this time to educate her about our customs, cultures and values which make us a mature human being! Luckily my child is not hooked to cartoon characters and hence it is easy for me to pull her and make her watch and learn them. Watching Mahabharata together is our most favourite bonding time now. I believe any parent can influence their child by doing things which they want their children to do. I am sure they will surprise you by doing them along with you!

Books indeed are great friends! I don’t feel bored since I have so many books to read. With many online links available for readers free of charge we can choose what we like and start reading. I have a few friends who keep saying, “I can’t read a book post one page". I feel that is perfectly fine. Just read that one page a day.  If the content is good, we will end up reading the whole book soon. Think about the knowledge we can gain through this process instead of reading some fake news which can create a panic attack in our heart?

I was in Vippasana Meditation and had the bliss of enjoying 10 days of noble silence (I am not asking you to practice noble silence but can meditate for a while to boost your inner consciousness). This silence that you are feeling around you now is never going to repeat again hence make the best use of it. Instead of tiring car horns and speeding vehicle sounds, we are now able to hear birds chirp and can see birds flying peacefully in clean air above. Let them also have a great time.

I just remember my conversation with my husband about an old tamil story of a famous writer Sujatha, “Yen Iniya Iyandira”. The story revolves around robots taking over the universe. I told my hubby, like every other creature what if some day humans go extinct on earth? But never thought a small micro element can destroy so many lives and cage the entire universe before even we could realise what was happening. Think friends!  Nothing is superior to 'Nature' including the human intelligence. Hence let us all bow down in front of mother nature, God or whatever you call it and feel good that we are still there alive. We can change for better.

Much more to come in coming days…..

From my lockdown diaries……….. 
- Suganthi Sankaran

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Live Positive Way

She inspires me to stay alive,
with her lovely smile.
She motivates me to stay strong,
with her gentle pat on my back
when I am down.

She uplifts my spirit to a new high,
when she reassures me that she is
there to support me.
She helps me cherish every moment
of my life, with her bright lovely eyes.
She, at times scolds me (sweetly),
and then pampers me,
when she role plays me.
She inspires me, motivates me,
lifts me up when she says,
“I’m there, your supporter,
your daughter ma,
stay the way you are ma,
do whatever you want to do,
never quit your work, never change,
be you, since I am there for you”.
The one and only, Ananya Parmesh, my darling daughter,
She Inspires Me. Every daughter inspire us so #SheInspiresUs
Dedicated to all the daughters of India
Suganthi Sankaran
Thanks for this opportunity our PM Narendra Modi ji 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Live Positive Way - My friend!

Often, people these days feel, they are well-connected through whatsapp, facebook, instagram and other social networks. We feel that we get connected easily with anyone and everyone through these networks, but does it really work that way?

I am recollecting my childhood days, when people have to share something or discuss something, they have to physically reach their friend's place and have a discussion with them, but now, they all are "just one touch away".....that's how we feel, isn't it. But does it work that way?

Nowadays, we all are added to various social networking groups, which includes, office groups, school friends' group, college friends' group, which at times gets further extended to other small to big friends' groups connected to different communities, associations, etc.  To add to this, if you have a school-going-child at home then you are 'by default' be part of all those school groups too.  Does this really mean we got so many people to stand by us?

I hardly find anyone having time these days (including you & me). We all are in social networks just to read and forward messages. To be frank I am so weak in that too.  Half of the forward videos I hardly even download fearing filling up my phone memory and the add-on memory card.

In normal days still all these are just fine.  We are busy with our own work and job and set in the routine life.  Suddenly when something happens, we get struck in between in a terrible situation, feeling overwhelmed due to some sudden change, feeling low and upset and really want someone to care then this big panic struck situation will hit us hard and we will realise all these days we were just 'connected' for receiving and forwarding messages.  When you long for someone to share their shoulder to cry on, or to call and listen to you or want a soothing message, we feel an emotional emptiness. We may get to face the hard reality that though there are so many 'known' to us yet there is no one really there for us, yet we cannot blame them for being busy!

These words coming from a positive thought blogger is not to make you feel upset. Not at all.  There is always a solution for every challenge. I keep blogging about it always and I follow what I preach.  There is one magical solution, which can help us during difficult times…. All the time.  Still not able to get it? 

It is your hobbies friends!

Never leave your hobbies, whatever be your favourite hobby, hold on to it.  It will help you keep your emotions in control. It can provide you the much needed support you anticipate and will make you feel like someone being around during the tough days.  It will help you to stay busy and can keep you happy and motivated. On the personal front, even during the rough phase of my life I have continued singing and sharing my tracks with my friends, they might have even wondered how am I able to sing during my worst phase but actually it is the other way around…singing helps me stay calm.  I will also be seen practising Zumba with my daughter or at times read back-to-back books of my choice.  All these hobbies has helped me stay happy, keep going and get less disheartened when I see no messages from the ones I wish to hear from or when I anticipate an enquiry message from the loved ones during my tough days and when it does not happen. 

Again there are always few buddies who keep extending their support to us, as always, but it is not good to take advantage of them, burden them with all our tensions and instead we can steamline our thoughts to keep ourselves happy.

Hobbies are and will continue to be our greatest friends. I sincerely wish, the one who had left singing, dancing, painting, gardening, reading will start doing them right away after reading this blogpost.

Wishing all very Happy Days ahead! 
Stay Positive & Keep yourself happy!
- Suganthi Sankaran

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Live Positive Way - My little sweet human beings.....

My little sweet human beings.....

"Look at her! She hasn’t completed her work".
"Oh God, how many times should I tell him, still he doesn’t seem to follow anything that I say".
"Why isn’t she able to do the chores herself?"
"Does he have any problem? I am tired of explaining him several times but still he is not able to follow my instructions".
"Why can’t she write legibly? She is now 6 years old and still not able to write."


These are some comments I get to hear from people around me on a daily basis.  This blog post is addressed to them. 

It’s not tough to be a 'special educator' and handle children with learning difficulties but yes it is painful to explain people around me to not to keep on complaining about the children with "learning difficulties".

Yes, they are not like you and me, they are 'different'. But they are not like other children who forget to wish you ‘Good Morning’ when you pass by.  They just love you with 'full heart' since they are not like you and me. 

They come running to you, cuddle you, shower all their love on you. They are not like you and me who just remembers others only if something is required.

At times it takes just a few seconds for them to make you happy with their innocent smile or continuous imaginary talks. Yes, they are not like you and me who knows to talk diplomatically only to grab the attention and to seek recognition. 

They clap for their friends without an iota of greed when their friends get appreciated for good grades or badges. They are not like you and me, yes, because they just don't know how to fake it in front of the world.

These tiny human beings are simply trying to gain a small space in this world, in their home, in the school and in your heart. Yes, they are not like you and me. They don't hurt others deliberately with their tantrums, they simply don't know how to express their inner feelings in a 'matured manner' like you and me.

Yes, they are not like you and me. But they at times amaze us with some of their unique talents and even teach us life lessons.... but as most of the times we are busy ignoring them we don't even recognise them, since they are not 'like you and me'.

You and me are on a constant pursuit of success, money and fame, so it is but natural that they don't have time to care about these little angels who just need some acceptance and recognition. This world is so cruel. Oh yes I know, they are not like you and me.

Call it a phrase that troubles me, or an outburst of my emotions or the pain that I feel in my heart every time I see these kids getting ignored and hear others complaining about my sweetheart--since I am their therapist and I know them well--I thought I should pen it down today.

Just one thing I can ask you all.

Be more empathetic, loving and caring towards them.

A little more patience, a little more affection and a little more time to share, will make a big difference to them.

You know better they are not like you and me, yes, but for me they are above all of us in leading an 'authentic happy life'.
- Suganthi Sankaran

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Live Positive Way - Cast your vote wisely

Almost a decade back—to be precise—in 2008, I was pursuing MBA and used to go for my “Personal Contact Classes” in Mumbai.  Our batch was filled with a mixture of students, professionals, and a few homemakers like me—who have taken a break in career.  It was indeed like revisiting my college days after a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed those classes.  The highlight of those classes was the students who came from Gujarat for their contact classes since the University in which I enrolled for the course had “contact classes” only in a few selected cities. We used to sit with other-course students during our break-time or during lunch hours to chit-chat.  We used to have conversations like, which is their course? from where they have come? etc. Something caught my eyes during one such conversation, are their phones.

Smartphones were not that popular in those days, but many students used to have colour phones, which allowed them to keep ‘screen savers’, ‘backdrop pics’, etc. It’s quite natural that it grabs one’s attention when kept on the table or if something flashes on the screen.  In a few phones, I saw a middle-aged person’s picture as the screensaver. I got a bit curious, and to have a closer look, I requested the students to show it once. To my surprise, the picture they had was that of Narendra Modi-Ji. (Even though, I have heard about him and also knew that he is one of the popular Chief Ministers of our country, I personally was not a big fan of him then as I did not know much about him). I immediately asked them, ‘why him’ as a screen saver? To be frank, I was totally surprised to see his photo, since, it is but natural to see the picture of one of the close family members or some cricketer or an actor/actress and not his picture. The reply that came from them surprised me even further.  They said, “he is no less than a hero for us. He has done so much for our welfare and this is nothing in front of that”.  Only after this incident, I started reading more about Modi-ji, both, to know him personally and to know about his vision and policies, which had given him such a stature amongst the people of Gujarat.

A person who is biased, cunning or corrupt can’t earn such respect, that too from the younger generation. People sometimes get carried away by other people’s statements and often make assumptions about someone based on it.  Hence it's required to check details oneself before making any decision/opinion about anyone.  My journey to know him through books, articles and his speeches helped me to understand him better.

When he contested 2014 elections I felt so positive that he will become our Prime Minister and surely make us feel proud. I was campaigning for him by encouraging my relatives, friends to vote for him. There were a few people who even felt he is not going to win and I am wasting my time in supporting him. I believe, before 2014, none of us were this vocal about our political choices, thanks to Modi-ji again, now people freely talk their mind out. Freedom of speech has reached a stage where they have used all possible abusive expressions against the Prime Minister of the country. I used my social networking sites requesting people to vote for him in 2014 too. Whenever I posted something positive about him, the post mooted several conversations, with so many people.  That, of course, continues even now but the number of pessimistic replies have gone down phenomenally compared to the earlier election.  Happy to see many of them have even started supporting him after seeing his good governance.

Once I was surprised to see his picture in some mobile phones and now, my social networking sites has his picture as DP or Profile picture. He is the only politician for whom the general public is campaigning. I am not a politician, not even a secretary/leader of my residential society but I do campaign for him since I trust him and his vision for all of us. I am quite sure if we miss him, he will be moving with his small bundle of things, heading towards the Himalayas but we will be left to suffer in wrong hands.  My humble request to whoever reads this post is vote him back. Trust me, he will keep our security and welfare first than anything else.

All the best to Modi-Ji and to the people of India for good governance.
- Suganthi Sankaran

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Live Positive Way - Appreciation

Live Positive Way - Appreciation

I asked Life,
“Why are you so difficult?”
Life 'smiled' and said,
“You people never appreciate easy things”.

What a powerful message?

This is not my first blog post about 'appreciation'. I keep posting on this topic. But this time, it’s a special blog post for me 'on appreciation'.

Whenever we talk about appreciation, we always think about ‘elders appreciating the younger ones’, ‘parents appreciating their children’, ‘seniors appreciating the juniors in work place’, ‘colleagues appreciating each other’ or ‘friends’ or ‘partners’.

A small girl made me realise that children too have the ability to 'appreciate elders' and motivate them.

The past few months were tough for me and I was trying hard to bring out my best in all areas. As a 'Specialist' working with the 'children with learning difficulties' in an International School, I often find happiness helping the children and spending more time with them. Yesterday was a lovely day for me. I was in a class helping my children with "special needs" and suddenly one girl from that class came to me. Normally, I go to classes and take care of the children referred to me and being in the age group of 4-6, sometimes out of curiosity, other students too come to me to know what I am doing. A few children, to grab my attention will keep asking me some doubts or spellings to complete their work.  So I thought she is one such a child and asked her what she wants? She showed me a beautiful drawing of two images. I said, ‘That’s really nice. Good job!’. She immediately responded with a broad smile, “Ma’am, that’s for you!” I was surprised and enquired, “but why for me”? For that she replied, “I like you”. Though I was delighted by the response, still had my own doubts and further asked, “but I never teach you, still you like me?” For this she replied, “Yes ma’am. You don’t teach me but I love you so much since you help my friends to read and write, which they found difficult to do before”. I was totally moved by this gesture of her's. A small child of age 6 is so connected and concerned about her friends and not just that she is also able to appreciate the work of a person who is 41 years old.

I was feeling out of the world hearing her “APPRECIATION” for me. At that moment, I felt like, my 4 years of association with this field is rewarded. All my efforts and passion were recognised by this child and I saw her above anyone else who can rate my performance in the organisation.

Hats off to the parents of Tanvi (that’s her name which I will never forget in my lifetime) for giving such an upbringing who cares for her friends and at the same time have the attitude of appreciating others. She changed my perspective and made me realize that even a small child can appreciate elders and the appreciation from anybody---regardless of age, group, society, person----adds more value to what we do. 

Due to so many personal 'engagements' I was not able to sit and pen down my thoughts for almost 2 months now. Two of my other blog posts (drafts) are only half-way through in my 'reflective journal'. But this small girl moved me so profoundly that I completed this blog post in no time.

I am double-charged now to work more closely and effectively with my students and I feel I have finally chosen something, which is so apt and fulfilling for me. 
Who knows, may be this is my 'real calling'?!

- Suganthi Sankaran

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Live Positive Way - Memories

Live Positive Way - Memories

I am remembering those days, when I used to tell my mom, “come on Amma, your days’ songs are so boring. How come you keep hearing them so many times
Huh! That’s ‘too mean’ right? I feel bad now, while thinking how rude I should have sounded then.

Now, at this ‘middle age’, I understand, what it should have meant to her then, when I keep hearing to Illayaraja’s songs now—which has become a food for my soul. 

We, who took birth in 70s & 80s can understand and get a nostalgic feel reading this post, for sure. Em just remembering those days…our school days…our bicycle rides, friends and our favourite phrase “vividh bhaarathiyin varthaga oliparappu –naeyar viruppam”….‘our own’ radio station-which had a monopoly in the broadcasting space those days. There were neither ‘malls’ nor ‘big super-shops’…we had only small shops lined up in the streets.  Chennai, being an active city—used to see every shop open early in the morning—those days without any other option—for everyone, for every morning—listening to vividh bharathi’s telecast  was an important ritual like listening to subrabadham.  All houses and the shops, be it a ‘tea-kadai’, be it a ‘thunik-kadai’, be it a ‘maligai kadai’, everywhere its same music, same song…  

I get decked up in my uniform and will be waiting for my friend Bhavani to reach my house around 9.15 am everyday so that we can go together to school.  That used to be the time we get to hear some latest songs in that radio channel which will last for 30 minutes without any break.  We normally commence our journey at the start of the first song, we keep pedaling as slow as we can to listen to those songs fully.  We continue listening to them together all the way, Thank God! we didn’t  have headphones to isolate us from the rest of the world.  The best part is we keep chatting while riding.  The songs used to do the job meant for the background music and worked as a Catalyst in building a long lasting emotional connect.  It is rightly said that music is the solace for soul(s).  We used to hear our Thalaivar Rajnikant’s and Kamalhasan’s songs back-to-back, since they were competing with each other those days releasing movies throughout the year and ensuring us to listen to their songs without any break in the whole year.  We used to listen to those songs in that 30 minute morning slot, mostly.  

Hope my contemporaries remember those tiny 25 paisa ‘pudu paatu’ booklets. I used to collect them and keep for every new Tamil movie release. The way we by-hearted them and these radio channels helping us to keep them in our memory files are mind-blowing… Being a singer I still can sing all those songs without the lyrics in hand since it helped us in developing our rote memory skills. Now we have all latest Smart Apps like Smule, Starmaker to sing, and there is no need to memorise lyrics since we can check the lyrics while singing live, but I find none of the new song lyrics I can remember after a few days.

Those days’ life was very simple, sober, yet fulfilling.  We were more connected with our loved ones which the latest app like ‘WhatsApp’, ‘FaceTime’, ‘Google Duo’ all fail to help us achieve that. 

We used to buy “cone ice-cream” near our school gate and our parents neither restricted us nor we fell sick due to that.  We used to ‘know’ all our peeps staying near our house and get to see all our neighbours gathering at temple for special occasions or at ‘ration shop’ to buy ‘kerosene’ (while writing this, the ‘kerosene smell’ still lingers in my mind).  The news of availability of kerosene in the ration shop used to create happiness on the faces of everyone which can be equated to the availability of new currency notes after demonetisation. Now, the building society in which I am staying for the past 6 months I got a chance to interact only with one of my neighbours (btw, a special note here “I am an extrovert”).

Those days I don’t remember anyone complaining or making a big fuss about any lack of facilities at school or at home.  We were trained to ‘adapt’ and ‘accept’ what is given happily. If we get dresses as gift from some relatives on some festival or marriages, we used to keep it safe for our upcoming birthday or some festival. We were taught and had a habit of appreciating the good intention of the giver and it personally helped me to cultivate patience, restrain from buying a new stuff when I already have one.  Now-a-days we have more dresses than the wardrobe storage and we hardly gift or receive dresses from relatives.

There used to be no back-up for power supply in our era and once there is no electricity supply we immediately start playing ‘anthakshari’ (music game).  Does this new generation even know what is anthakshari or the strategies we used, to make the game interesting? The game will last for hours together. 

We can safely claim that we were closer to the nature those days. Without any big apartment buildings, we had only two option, either to choose play under the hot sun or sit at home and we often opted for the first option to play out.  The houses with ‘WELL’ (ground water source) surrounded by trees, flowers, butterflies…filled with love, passion, care…. I guess now-a-days kids neither go out to play nor they are as attached to the nature or people as we were in our childhood days.

We belong to that generation, whose life-style was simple and is introduced to all new things, beginning from Television to today’s latest technology IOT (Internet of Things) or VR (Virtual Reality).  We were that ‘lab rat’ for all testing purposes. I remember the way I got surprised (shocked?!) the first time I saw computers.  Being a young aspirant that time the pressure of learning how to handle that box was a real challenging situation. I wonder if those old computers are still there and kept in some museum since computers have gone through a massive transformation. Oh yes, I am right now typing this using my new slim laptop and probably I post this in my blog page using my smart phone… Hah! what a change in life…isn’t it?!

I have quoted many a times in my Facebook page or shared with my friends that, “Two man-made things which amaze me and really fascinates me are, one, the Aeroplane - which can take us around the world and two, the Internet - which brings the world to us! But, when I remember my childhood days, I fall into a Catch 22 scenario about ‘internet’ being a blessing or a curse.  Does internet really help us to stay happy the way we were in our childhood days? A big ‘NO’ for sure. It is far easier to send a WhatsApp message to my close school buddy but it can never give that happiness of those time where I used to take my bicycle, ride 2 km to reach her place, see her in person and talk to her. 

I used to get comments from few of my young friends, ‘Suganthi you are updated with all new technologies but you are two generations behind’.  Yes, I agree to their view with a smile. They don’t even know what it was to be in 70s and 80s.  We are the ones who are rooted deep in that simplicity yet coping with the latest ever-changing life skills.  A few recent movies and the discussions that we had in our School friends WhatsApp group made me post this blog post.

Hope the ones who belong to my age group are now in a trance filled with old memories and the new ones with whom we have a generation gap is wondering, 'what she is writing'?  And I am heading back to use my latest iPod to listen to my own favourite ‘Ragadevan’ Illayaraja’s song since I am feeling so nostalgic and wish to travel back in time to my childhood days, yes of course, VIRTUALLY!

Stay happy, stay positive!
- Suganthi Sankaran